Mature Adults with Real Bodies Have a New Place for Adult Fun

Newly Established Adult Party Group Is For Baby Boomers Who Are Still Full of Life.

King of Prussia, PA — (SBWIRE) — 03/06/2017 — You could see Brenda in a coffee shop, or at her work in the medical profession in a suburb of Philadelphia, and see a typical 55-year old woman. She is a career professional, a mom, a grandmom, and oh, also a woman who started a swingers group.

Brenda, a divorced bi-female, started her swingers group with the idea of a fun, comfortable, mature group of locally based people who are curvy or who appreciate women (and men) with curves. Brenda says she started the group (which now has a website because she went to a few “parties” but was uncomfortable being the only “larger woman” present, and at the time age 53, the oldest person in the room. She also discovered after she turned 50, she is bisexual. She called it a delightful and fulfilling midlife surprise.

Brenda (whose last name is withheld for privacy) stated, “This group started when I was frustrated by trying to find a comfortable group where I would feel I belong. A friend challenged me. He said he bets there are many people, who are over the age of 40, who would be interested in a mature, classy group of like-minded people and real-world body types.”

So, Brenda acted and placed an ad on Craigslist and the response was overwhelming. In the first three days, Brenda received over 200 responses.

“Our group member ages range for late 30’s to mid 70’s. We are absolutely the perfect group for first timers. There is no fee, we are not a business, just mature people who have “real bodies” and enjoy sensual times,” said Brenda

She added, “I am doing this because someone needed to allow mature people, and specifically real women, with real curves, feel comfortable.”

When the group started they would schedule everything via email for social times at area restaurants and adult “playtime” at a member’s home or an upscale hotel.

Based on demand, the group has grown to include members in 41 states, but the members themselves insists they are just a bunch of local people, in locally based groups, that have come together over the past year based on common desires.

Holly, also a grandmom, age 59, added, “We believe our attention to detail reinforces who we are; a mature, classy, sexy, fun, inclusive, and exclusive group. At least one member reviews each application to join and we are very selective.” On the topic of single men Holly added, “We do allow single men, but unlike other groups where single men exceed 70% of the members, we will not allow single men to exceed 5% of our membership. Single men must go through an extensive orientation process. But unlike other groups, we treat our men with great respect because that respect is earned.

According to Dr. Curtis Bergstrand and Jennifer Blevins Williams who conducted one of the most comprehensive studies on USA adults who participate in “Swinging” 89.4% of swingers are married couples or in a committed relationship. Some estimates claim that in 2017 over 15 million people participate in “swinging.”

The study also indicates that 78.5% of swinging couples are happy in their marriage compared to 64% of the general married population. Also, happiness seems to grow as well. Of those reported as being “unhappy” before entering the lifestyle, 90.4% claim to be happier swinging.

Finally, the study shows what swingers already know. They are just like any other person and are not (as a general rule) wildly liberal, against religion, and openly sex crazed. Swingers are equally distributed across all political parties. In terms of religion, 72.1% of swingers have membership in a church, synagogue, mosque, or temple as compared to 61% of the general population.

Brenda will not say exactly how many members are active but will disclose the group now has well over 750 members, and mainly growing by word-of-mouth. Mature Party Group members believe the group will continue to grow as long as they are consistent in maintaining a classy, safe, accepting and comfortable culture. The group is very private and goes to great lengths to ensure members privacy. Ted, Brenda’s friend who initially challenged Brenda to start the group said about the demographics of members, “we have grade school teachers, doctors, lawyers, truck drivers, Sunday school teachers, dozens of “typical soccer moms” and even our token librarian.”

A member who posted a blog on the website said about Mature Party, “I’ve made friends all around the country. Some I’ll probably never meet in person, but that doesn’t matter in the least. We talk openly about sex and many other things and laugh, are silly and just have fun. Some are acquaintances; others have become good friends in a fairly short time frame. I’ve found a new home.”

Today when you are at your doctor’s office, a coffee shop or visiting a 55+ community, just know many of the people you see are either participating in the swinging lifestyle or wish they were. Now because of Brenda, they can experience all life has to offer in a welcoming and comfortable manner.

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