Written by Josie

So you have decided to join Mature Party and start exploring the world of swinging…

Congratulations! You have just opened the door to a fun, love-affirming, super sexy way to live life. It may seem daunting at the moment if you are new to this lifestyle, but I can assure you that it truly is a joy to share yourself (and your partner) with other sexy, classy, and mature people.

To help you reach the right level of comfort, we at Mature Party have gathered a few pieces of advice from seasoned members that will light the way through this exciting journey.


Tip # 1-Communicate about your boundaries!

Whether you are single or partnered, be completely honest about your expectations, your desires, and your fears. Know what is okay for you, what is okay for your partner, and maybe what is “almost okay.” Know what is forbidden and/or scary. Sometimes the activities in these categories may shift with time and experience or may be flexible when you play with one or two particular couples-which makes it equally important to re-visit the boundary conversation

Tip # 2-Make friends

Getting to know other couples and singles outside of the bedroom prior to play dates or parties is the key to being comfortable when the “big moment” comes along. Attend Meet and Greets and talk to as many other people as possible. You will find the people in the swinging lifestyle are friendly and want to make those intimate connections outside of the bedroom just as much as they want to enjoy their playtime.

Some singles and couples you meet will be naturally more experienced with swinging and others will be new like you. Remember to be yourself and to be honest about being new. Sharing stories about their experiences and fantasies are a fun part of the “getting to know you” phase in swinging.

This is also a good time to circle back to Tip #1…just as you should know your boundaries, you should be familiar with your play partners’ boundaries. It may not be a topic that comes up as soon as you meet, but eventually knowing what you all expect and enjoy will make for a more satisfying time in the bedroom.

Tip # 3-Go Slow at The First Party

It’s your first party experience and you are so excited, it is hard to contain yourself. After all, your fantasies and desire to try something new have brought you to this moment. The best thing to do is savor the moment…have a drink of your choice (feel free to BYOB) and relax into the moment. Start chatting with members you have met at the Meet and Greets and take part in any games that have been planned. As the night progresses, you will notice that the classy atmosphere remains. The seating area and the kitchen remain play free-zones.

Those couples and singles who are ready to start intimate play will go to one of the bedrooms and do one of two things. If the door is closed, they wish to be private. Please respect that and wait until the room is available again. If the door is open, you may respectfully watch and/or join. Always ask before touching anyone anywhere. Be mindful that others may be waiting for their turn in the room.

Tip #4-Have a Signal Between You and Your Partner

Determine a discreet signal between you and your partner to help alert each other to when something feels uncomfortable or to indicate that you are ready to leave the party. This is especially important when you are first starting out in the lifestyle and everything you will be trying is new and exciting.

Tip #5-Keep the Fires Burning at Home

A great deal of the fun of being in the lifestyle is discussing everything you enjoyed at a party (with your partner ONLY of course…what happens at a Mature Party event, stays at the event). Talk about what was exciting, what was new, what was intimidating, who you would like to see again, and so on.

Then take the time to make your partner feel special, strengthen the bonds between you, and enjoy the passion and stability that made you seek out the fun, classy, sexy, love-affirming Mature Party lifestyle.


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