We focus on local fun.

Many of local city groups have over 100 members. Members ages range from 35 to 75. Apply to Join our private group. We never charge a fee.

Single Men Policy

This group started with the idea of a fun — comfortable — mature group of local people who are curvy or who appreciate women with curves. I started the group because I went to a few “parties” but was uncomfortable being the only BBW and the oldest person in the room! However – we love people of all sizes as long as they are over the age of 35.

We are proud of the fact that less than 5% of our members are single men. It is our policy to keep single men to a maximum of 5% of our membership base. We keep this number low for many reasons. Single men must go through an orientation session to review our code of conduct, website instruction and overall lifestyle information “for the single man.”

Single men who are approved to join do pay for this orientation session. Please note we do not make single men pay more for parties. The website is free for all who are selected to join. Most groups that allow single men charge these men up to $250 just to attend one party.

We get hundreds of men each week ask to join. It seems like 95% do not know how to behave as a single man in this lifestyle.

Why do we allow single men and why do we insist on an orientation?

Single men who are mature, classy and fun are a pleasure to have in our group. There are many “reasons” why single women and couples in our group desire a single man – but they desire quality over quantity. We sure cannot afford to have any of our members, especially single ladies, be uncomfortable.

We treat our very few single men with complete respect. But they earn that respect.

We require orientation (for selected men) because we want them to go slow. We have learned the hard way some men are too aggressive. We limit the single men and we try to determine (as best we can) if each man is classy – mature etc. with a few emails and our questionnaire.

We have a small membership committee that will review each single man’s questionnaire to determine if he will be a good fit for our philosophy and culture.