When this story took place, my wife and I were not quite beginners in the lifestyle. Linda and I had been involved in foursomes with three different couples. Two of the couples we had met through swinger publications. With both of those couples we had sex on the first date, with Linda and the male half of the other couple being the first ones to start “playing.”

We had also been to a few swingers’ dances in private venues, though we had never been to an actual swinger’s club or house party. The group action offered at the clubs and parties was something that had always intrigued me and I really wanted us to experience it. Linda was more comfortable with couple on couple action, though, and enjoyed getting to know a couple before we played with them. I asked her about attending a club or a house party on several occasions and she always seemed reluctant.

Still the group sex scenario was an unfulfilled fantasy of mine and, after many conversations, Linda finally agreed that we would attend a house party. She made it clear to me that this was my idea and she was only going to see what happened at one of these parties…nothing more. I was grateful to just get her in the door, so I was thrilled!

The next time I heard about a house party located about sixty miles from our home, I was more than ready and I called the couple that put on the parties, Bob and Carol. They impressed me with how open, friendly and helpful they were during that first conversation. They told me what they offered, what to expect, and also explained the house rules-emphasizing the most important rule that “no means no.” I told them about Linda’s reluctance to attend a house party and Carol offered to speak with her. After several phone calls between the two of them, Linda was much more comfortable with the idea and I knew we would both enjoy ourselves.

When the day of the party finally arrived, I was trying to be cool but truth be told I was more nervous than I had been in a very long time. Linda on the other hand went about her daily routines like it was any other day. She was so calm I was convinced that she had already made her mind up to the fact that she was “only going to watch” that night.

Later that day, Linda laid out what she was going to wear to the party. The theme for the night was lady in red so Linda chose a red cocktail dress, a pair of red high heels, and red thigh high stockings to wear for the night. As I was shaving, Linda ran her bath water. She set out her shaving supplies, which included those she used to trim her pubic area, and placed them beside the tub without saying a word. She added some scented bath oils to the water and climbed in. As she relaxed in the tub I left her alone and continued dressing in the other room. My pulse quickened as I walked out of the bathroom because there was only one reason I could think of as to why she brought out what she needed to trim her pubic area.

I busied myself around the house waiting for Linda to get ready to go. I was trying not to show the anxiety I was feeling. I was just so excited about finely getting to go to the kind of party I had only heard and read about. The car was loaded, the dogs were fed, everything was ready to go…I just needed Linda to get ready and we would be gone.

When Linda walked into the living room my cock sprang to an instant erection. She was wearing a red cocktail dress that came to mid-thigh. The dress was just short enough to give a glimpse of the tops of her stockings. She had on the pair of red “come-fuck-me” shoes that made her legs look incredibly sexy. The back of the dress came to just below her shoulder blades with the front showing a lot of cleavage. I could tell by the way her nipples were protruding that she was not wearing a bra. Her makeup was perfect, as was her hair. Her lips may have been saying nothing is going to happen tonight but her body was saying something entirely different.

We made some small talk during the first part of our drive to the party, but after a few minutes we both settled into our own thoughts. Other than her sexy attire, Linda gave no indication of any interest in any sexual activity that night. As we drove she had settled back in her seat, staring out the passenger side window lost in thought.

When we arrived, we were met by Carol. She greeted us and seemed genuinely happy to see us. She welcomed us to the party and gave us a tour of the house, explaining each area along with what we could expect in each area. Carol then took a moment to address Linda saying that she understood that we had never been to a party like this before. She wanted to assure Linda that in this place there would be no pressure on her to do anything and that no means no. This seemed to relax Linda a little as we continued to tour the house.

Carol ended our tour in the kitchen area where she offered us coffee which we gladly accepted. As we had arrived early to both meet our hosts and check out the house, we had plenty of time to sip our coffee as we chatted with Carol. A short time later Bob, as well as two other couples, entered the kitchen. Carol introduced them to us.

I don’t really know what I was expecting but we found everybody very open and friendly, as well as being down to earth people. It was no secret that this was our first venture into something like this and everybody seemed to go out of their way to make us comfortable. We must have lounged around the kitchen chatting for the better part of an hour before the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of more party guests.

Barbara, the female half of one of the regular couples, told Linda that she was going to go out to the living room area where it was a little more comfortable. Linda and I joined her in the living room. We sat down on the couch where we checked out the decorations. Before she sat down, Barbara turned on the TV and started a porn movie. As she sat down she told Linda that they always play a little porn at these parties because it helps in setting the mood.

More and more couples were arriving over the next hour. A number of them greeted Barbara with hugs and kisses. She would then introduce each of them to us. There was a vast variety in the couples attending the party. Most were in their thirties and forties and most were very attractive. They all seemed very open and friendly, as well as being genuinely happy to meet us.

Barbara seemed to sense that we were a little at a loss as to where and how we wanted to proceed. She got up and asked Linda if she would like to check out some of the action. Linda said sure and stood to join Barbara as she led the way down the hallway toward the bedrooms. Not to be left out, I joined them as they checked out the action going on in some of the rooms. We walked into the group room where a number of mattresses were laid out on the floor and found five or six couples naked on the mattresses engaged in a multitude of sexual acts.

One sexy blond lady was standing bent over between two men. One was fucking her from behind while she was giving head to the other. Another woman was riding a guy and making no secret of the fact the she was enjoying his cock in her pussy. The sights, sounds and smells in the room were pure sex and I found it all very stimulating. I found the sight of the blond standing between the two guys to be a real turn on. The one that was fucking her was causing her large breasts to sway from side to side with each thrust.

As we stood and watched the action around the room Barbara glanced over to Linda then back to me with a smile and said “I think all this is turning Linda on…just look how her nipples are sticking out.”  With that she reached out and ran a finger over the front of Linda’s dress and touched her erect nipples. Linda laughed a little and said that it was very stimulating for sure.

Barbara then asked if we would like to join her in the hot tub. Without hesitation, Linda said yes and asked me if I would mind getting our robes out of the car. Barbara and Linda proceeded to the hot tub as I went out to the car to get our robes. On returning I found Carol in the kitchen and paid our donation to the party before joining Barbara and Linda in the hot tub.

The hot tub was located in what had been the garage. The lighting was dimmed but you could still make out what was going on. Linda and Barbara were both in the tub when I arrived and were sitting on either side of a guy I didn’t know. They were all three laughing, joking around and seemed to be having fun. I removed my clothes and joined them in the tub sitting on the far side from where Linda and Barbara were seated. Barbara introduced the guy they were sitting with as Dave -an old friend of hers and a regular at these parties. Two other couples were also in the tub with us. They smiled and nodded their heads in greeting as I got into the tub. One couple was too engaged in their own thing to pay much attention to the rest of us.

I watched the couple who were obviously getting into it for a few minutes when I heard the other young lady on the other end of the tub announce to the guy with her that she was too hot as she climbed out of the tub and sat on the side with her feet dangling in the tub. She was a beautiful blond in her twenties I would guess. She had those perfect perk young breasts that naturally stood out proud and tall on her chest. She was opening and closing her legs as she chatted with the guy she was with which was putting on quite a show for the rest of us.

About this time a guy entered the room and saw Barbara in the tub. He greeted her and walked around the tub, leaned over the edge, and gave Barbara a deep kiss. She introduced all of us and his name was Steve. Steve waved a greeting toward me and greeted Linda by walking over to her and giving her a kiss. “Glad to meet both of you” he said “but right now I’ve got a promise from Barbara that I have got to collect on. Maybe I can catch up with you guys later?” He then walked back over to Barbara, took her hand and led her out of the tub and back into the house.

I went back to checking out the action going on in the tub. The couple that were about to get it on were getting up and getting out of the tub. The guy made no attempt of trying to conceal the fact that he had a hard on that was sticking straight up. They both dried off and left the room. The other couple followed their lead and also left the tub. This left just Linda, Dave, and I in the tub. My attention was brought back to Linda and Dave when I heard Dave let out a very soft moan. Linda was sitting beside him and looking over at him. I was going slow and letting Linda lead the way because I didn’t want to get her into anything that wasn’t comfortable for her. However the closer I looked at her and Dave, the more I detected movement of her right arm…which was causing little waves in the water.

I knew almost instantly that she was jacking Dave off under the water. Then I saw Dave reach down with his left hand under the water. Linda moved just a little and I knew she was spreading her legs giving Dave access to her pussy. My cock sprang to life while I watched the two of them. Neither of them spoke as they stimulated each other under the water. After a few minutes of watching them I decided to give them a little privacy to see what would happen. I broke the silence by telling Linda I was going to the restroom and would be right back and asked her if she would be ok. She looked at me, nodded, and said she would be fine. I got out of the tub, dried off, and left to find the restroom.

I had killed a few minutes checking out the group room again and was on my way back to the hot tub when I met Linda and Dave walking my way hand in hand. They both had a towel wrapped around them. Linda walked up to me, took my hand, gave me a kiss, and said “Come on…we are going to play a little bit.” She then led both Dave and I down the hall to one of the semi-private rooms.

We found a private area with a mattress on the floor. Linda took her towel off, threw it on the floor, then grabbed both Dave’s towel and my towel and jerked them from our bodies. Dave and I were both standing there with our cocks sticking straight up, hard and ready for action. I could see why Linda was attracted to him-he must have had a cock at least ten inches long and very thick. Linda walked up to me, threw her arms around my neck and gave me a deep wet kiss. I eased a little to the side, reached between her legs, and ran my hand over her pussy. Feeling the wetness and heat coming from her pussy, I slid a finger into her. She pulled her mouth from mine and said “I want to suck your cock while Dave fucks me from behind.”

We melted onto the mattress. I was on my back, Linda knelt down beside me and sucked my cock into her mouth. Her ass was held high and inviting. David stood there for a moment and looked at me for my ok to proceed. I told him “you better get that cock into her before she starts without you.” Dave knelt behind her and eased between her legs. As he ran his cock over her pussy Linda reached back and guided him into her.

Dave started a slow and rhythmic thrusting into her pussy. Linda was moaning and she would lower her mouth onto my cock as his cock slid in and out of her. Dave’s pace steadily picked up as he fucked Linda, which made her suck my cock that much harder. Soon Dave was slamming his cock into her pussy, causing her tits to sway from side to side with each thrust of his cock. Linda was soon lost in her own pleasure and her breaths were coming in short gasps. She was kissing the head of my cock and stroking it as Dave brought her over the edge of her first orgasm. I saw Dave grab her hips and pull her into him as he thrust his cock as deep into her pussy as he could. I knew he was cumming deep inside her. I would guess it was the first squirt of cum to hit the back of her pussy that brought Linda over the edge and she screamed out her orgasm.

Dave slowly sank to the floor a few minutes later and as he did, his cock came out of her pussy with a plopping sound. From my vantage point I could see his cum mixed with her juices slowly running down the insides of her thighs. Linda leaned forward removing my cock from her mouth and kissed me. As she did I rolled her over onto her back. After watching Dave fuck her and knowing how much being fucked with his big cock turned her on, I needed to cum and to cum soon. As I moved between her legs, I spread them wide as I lined my cock up at the entrance of her pussy. She was so well lubricated along with the fact that Dave’s cock had stretched her pussy to the point that it was gaping open, there was no hesitation on my part. I just thrust my hips forward and sank my eight-inch cock all the way into her pussy. As I entered her, Linda let out a guttural moan and thrust her hips up to meet my assault on her pussy.

We were not making love-we were fucking in the purest sense of the word. I was thrusting my hips like a jack hammer, slamming my cock into her hard, fast and deep. Linda was meeting every one of my thrusts with a thrust of her own. She would meet my cock by rolling her hips, raising her ass up, and thrusting her hips forward to meet my thrusts. Her pussy was so full of Dave’s cum that her pussy would splash out a combination of their juices every time my cock slid into her. As our pelvic areas slammed together they made a wet slapping sound.

I knew at this pace I wasn’t going to last too long but neither of us cared. This was all about cumming. Dave leaned forward and started sucking Linda’s breast as I was kneeling between her legs fucking her as hard as I could. She was holding his head with one hand and bracing herself with the other as she continued to thrust her hips up to imbed my cock into her pussy. I felt my cock start to twitch and could feel my seed making its way up my cock. Her legs were straight up and being held there by my chest. I grabbed the front of her thighs pulling myself as deep into her as I could as I started to cum. I shot spurt after spurt of cum deep into her pussy. I seemed to be cumming more than I could ever remember cumming before. After I finished, I collapsed beside her as I tried to catch my breath.

As we were laying there Dave excused himself to go to the restroom and said he would be right back. When he was gone I asked Linda if she was having fun. She said that she was having a great time. I told her that I had seen her jacking him off in the hot tub.

Linda looked at me with a smile as she told me that she was just sitting there not really knowing what to expect when he took her hand and placed it on his cock. “I couldn’t help it” she said. “That is one of the nicest cocks I have ever seen. I have told you that I have always wanted to see what it would be like to have a big cock and that is one very big cock.” She said she was stroking his cock when the next thing she knows he has a finger in her pussy. It just felt so good and that is what we were for, right? She just wanted to fuck him. Linda then said “You’re alright with me doing that, right?” I told her yes, that I was glad she was having fun and that was definitely what coming to this party was all about.

About that time Dave came back into the room. He knelt down beside Linda and ran his hand over her breast. In reply Linda reached up and wrapped her hand around his cock, stroking it lightly. Dave rose up on his knees and moved toward Linda’s head. She rolled to her side and sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth. It was so large that she couldn’t get much of it into her mouth but tried to do her best with what she was able to handle. I rolled a nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I could tell that she wanted to take some time to enjoy what Dave had to offer her so I decided to give them a little private time. I whispered in her ear that I would be right back and went to the rest room. It had worked so well the first time, it wouldn’t hurt to give her a little more time alone with her fantasy cock.

This time I really did need to make a short pit stop before anything else took place. There was a restroom located off the group room that I headed for. The lighting in the group room was dim to the point that your eyes needed to adjust to the darkness to see what was going on inside.

As I walked into the group room, I could see a number of people were on the mattresses engaging in various forms of sex. I heard moans and groans from both males and females coming from all the sexual activity taking place in there. I also noticed a couple standing next to the door. The man was standing with his back against the wall with the woman in front of him. I noticed them but didn’t pay much attention to them as I entered the room. I walked passed them and continued into the restroom.

As I left the restroom, I paused for a moment to take a closer look at what was going on in the room. As I was there my eyes became accustomed to the light, letting me see all that was going on. I will just say that it was what you would imagine would be going on during group sex. It was a very stimulating site. I had an urge to join in on the fun but decided I should instead return to where Linda was and rejoin her and Dave.

As I was walking out of the room, I again noticed the couple standing by the door. This time I paid a lot more attention to them. The woman was a very big lady, perfectly proportioned. She had large tits about the size of grapefruits, sexy hips, and a beautiful face. As I walked up to them I was checking out her body which I found very erotic. As my eyes scanned from her body back to her face, we made eye contact. As I did she slowly ran her tongue over her upper lip and she looked into my eyes. “Do you like what you see?” she said with a smile. “Very much” I replied.

I walked up to them and introduced myself. They reciprocated saying that she was Chloe and her husband was Sam. We made some small talk, which I found a little strange and out of the ordinary (at least for me) in that I was introducing myself and engaging in a conversation with a naked couple in a room in which several other people were engaging in various forms of sex. Yet in some strange way it seemed quite normal (but none the less very exciting) to me.

I hadn’t noticed just how exciting it was to me until Chloe reached down and ran her hand over the towel that covered my cock. The towel was tented out in front of me and doing nothing to cover my erection. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself” she said with a smile. “Very much” I confessed to her. As she continued to run her hand over my cock, I could see her nipples harden and start to grow. “It looks like you’re getting a little excited yourself” I told her as I ran a finger over one of her nipples. As I did she let out a little moan and smiled at me. She leaned back against her husband and I saw her hips sway a little as she pushed her ass back into his cock.

Sam was staring at the action going on next to us on the mattresses. I followed his gaze and saw that he was watching two women engaged in sex. One woman was lying on her back with her upper body supported by a guy sitting in back of her. Her legs were spread wide and another woman was kneeling in front on her with her head in the woman’s crotch. The one that was performing oral sex on the other was holding her ass high and had Sam’s attention. Sam whispered something in Chloe’s ear to which she nodded her head, smiled, and said “sure go ahead, have fun.” Sam eased himself from behind Chloe and knelt behind the woman eating the other woman.

As I was watching Sam, I felt a hand squeeze my cock. I looked back to Chloe who asked if I wanted to join them or play with her. I reached between her legs and ran my fingers over her pussy. My fingers were covered with her juices as soon as I touched her. I leaned forward to kiss her as my finger entered her pussy. As my lips touched hers, she opened her mouth and our tongues met.

As we parted from our kiss, Chloe looked me in the eye then slowly sank to the floor. With a jerk she pulled the towel from around my waist and slowly stroked my cock. She seemed fixated by my cock as she leaned forward and ran her tongue over the entire shaft before letting her mouth engulf it. I watched as the entire eight inches of my cock slid into her mouth and down her throat. She gently cupped my balls in one hand as she slowly slid her head back until just the head of my cock was left in her mouth. Then she would slide it all the way back in again. My hands were resting on either side of her head more to maintain my balance more than anything else.

Chloe pulled her head back to the point that my cock exited her mouth. She stood back up, put her arms around my neck and gave me a deep wet kiss. When we parted that kiss, she looked me in the eyes again and said “Let’s find a place where we can lay down.” My reply was only to say “lead the way.”

We found an open spot on the mattresses and settled down. Chloe lay down on her back and spread her legs just enough to give me a good look at her pussy. I knelt between her legs resting my hands on her knees. I slowly pushed her knees outward spreading her legs wide to give me access to her pussy. I kissed my way down the insides of her thighs to her pussy. I leaned forward and ran my tongue around the outside of her pussy. She responded by lifting her hips off the mattress and thrusting her pussy forward to meet my tongue. I took my time enjoying the smell and taste of her womanhood. She was grinding her pussy into my face and starting to moan. I flicked my tongue over her clit which brought an even louder moan. I alternated flicking my tongue over her clit and driving my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. After a period of time Chloe wrapped her hands around my head, forcing my mouth to her pussy that she was grinding into my face. Her whole body was shaking and her breathing was coming in short gasps. I knew she was right at the brink of her orgasm. I sucked her clit into my mouth like it was a small cock. While I held her clit firmly between my lips as I continued sucking on it, Chloe had a massive orgasm. She expelled so much female juices that my face was covered in her cum.

As Chloe came down from her orgasm, I let her clit slip from between my lips. I blew lightly over her clit and pussy. I knew she would be ultra-sensitive in that area so I made sure to only touch her lightly. I kissed and licked her juices from the insides of her thighs. After a few minutes I kissed my way up her body until our lips met. As our lips parted, Chloe smiled and said “You are good, honey! My heart is still pounding!” I told her that she gave great head but I would really like to fuck her now.

I got up and eased Chloe over onto her hands and knees, then positioned myself behind her. I ran my cock over the length of her pussy, letting her juices coat it. She reached between her legs, wrapped her fingers around my cock, and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. I arched my hips forward thrusting my cock all the way into her with one thrust. I held myself all the way in her for a moment before slowly drawing it back out again. Then I thrust it all the way back into her again. I would thrust into her and then slowly pull out of her. I got into a rhythm as we fucked. I ran my thumb from the back of her pussy back and over her ass. As my thumb passed over her tight little back door she let out a moan of pleasure. The next time I did this I paused at her asshole rubbing my thumb over it pushing into her just a little bit. Again she moaned and this time pushed back into my thumb.

I don’t know where she got it, but Chloe reached back and handed me a small bottle. I looked at it and discovered it was a small bottle of KY lubricant. With my cock still buried in her pussy, I held the bottle of lubricant between the cheeks of her ass letting a small amount flow down and over her asshole. I rubbed the area with a finger letting the slick liquid coat her entrance. As I put a little pressure on her puckered little hole, my finger slowly entered her. As I fingered her back entrance, I poured a little more lubricant between the crack of her ass.

I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy and coated the head with some of the KY. I then ran the head of my cock over her tight little backdoor. I pushed forward slowly and my cock slid into her. As I did, she pushed back into me, impaling my cock into her ass. After a few minutes, she became used to my size and started to roll her hips, which caused my cock to slide in and out of her. I started to fuck her ass a little faster and with a little more force. She yelled “Yeah, that’s it baby! Fuck my ass with that big cock of yours!” The harder I fucked her, the more vocal she got encouraging me and instructing me on what she wanted. In just a matter of a few minutes I had a firm grip of her hips and was pulling her back into me as I thrust my cock into her. I could feel the muscles inside her ass gripping my cock as I would pull it out of her. I slapped her ass with a smack and she screamed out her pleasure.

Some guy moved over in front of Chloe as I was fucking her ass and knelt down. He placed his cock to her lips, she grabbed his cock and sucked it into her throat. Chloe’s body was shaking and she was moaning loudly as her orgasm overcame her. She was holding the guy’s cock in front of her with one hand and with the other she was rubbing her clit with jackhammer-like speed. I knew she was close and I also knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. I quit trying to hold back and after a few more strokes, I pulled her back into me as hard as I could and started to cum deep in her ass. At the same time, Chloe started to cum and she was moaning, whimpering and calling out the fact that she was cumming. The guy in front of her was rapidly stroking his cock. He placed the head between her lips and started to cum.

After the guy in front of her stopped squirting cum into her mouth, Chloe licked the head clean and collapsed forward with me on top of her. We both laid there trying to catch our breath and come back to earth after a tremendous sexual high. My cock was softening in her ass and working its way out of her. “Oh, baby that was great” Chloe said with a smile as she glanced over her shoulder at me. “Did you enjoy it?” she asked. “Enjoy it is an understatement!” I said that it was great and we had to get her and Sam’s numbers before we leave. She smiled as she agreed.

I got up from Chloe and told her I would love to spend a little more time with her but I needed to find my wife and make sure she was doing alright. In parting she told me to be sure to get with her and Sam later. They would love to meet my wife. I then headed into the restroom to freshen up a little bit before checking on Linda.

Before I even walked into the room where I had left Linda, I could hear her moans of pleasure from the hallway. As I walked in, I found Linda on her hands and knees with Dave behind her slamming his cock into her from behind. There was a guy I didn’t know kneeling in front of her and she had his cock in her mouth. I hadn’t really noticed before how big Dave’s cock looked sliding in and out of her pussy. It was huge and was about as big around as an eight-ounce V8 can. The sight of that huge cock slamming into Linda’s pussy then slowly pulling out was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen. When it would come out of her pussy, it was coated with white clumps of cum along with her juices, making it glisten in the dim light.

You could tell that Linda was really enjoying being fucked by Dave from her moans and by the way she was pushing her body back into his. I was a little surprised by how much she was into giving head to the guy in front of her. Up until that point in time Linda would never give head to completion. She would just do it to please me and get me ready. But tonight as I watched, she was stroking this guy’s cock as she was sucking it deep into her mouth. She was jacking him off with his cock in front of her mouth, all the while looking up at him as she was trying to get him to cum. Then I heard her say something that I had never heard her say before. While looking up at this guy and stroking his cock she said “Come on baby, give it to me, let me taste your cum, baby!” With that she sucked his cock back into her mouth, working her mouth up and down on his cock. I saw him grab her head in both hands as he fucked her mouth. Then he stopped and held his cock deep in her mouth and I knew he was filling her mouth with his cum. Instead of backing her mouth off his cock like she has always done in the past, she was trying her best to swallow every drop of cum he was shooting into her mouth. It was a little too much volume for her to handle though and cum started to flow out of the corners of her mouth. She backed her mouth off his cock and swallowed cum that was left in her mouth, all the while looking up at him. After Linda had swallowed his cum, she sucked his cock back into her mouth, cleaning every last drop of cum off it.

I hadn’t noticed before because I had been so focused on Linda but on the other side of her, a young blond woman was on her hands and knees closely watching the threesome in front of her. She looked up at me and smiled. I had been so intently watching Linda that I hadn’t noticed that I was stroking my cock while I was watching her.

I walked around Linda and Dave to the blond on the other side of them. I knelt down beside her running my hand over her back. She asked if I was with them, as she nodded toward Linda and Dave. I told her Linda was my wife and that we had just met Dave tonight. She said she had just been watching them because they were so turned on to each other. “Mind if I join you?” I asked her. “You mean watch them with me or fuck me while you watch them?” she said with a smile. “Fuck you while we both watch them” I answered. She said that was fine with her as I moved behind her. I moved up behind her and rubbed my cock over her pussy. She reached between her legs, took my cock, and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. I slowly moved forward driving my cock into her tight pussy. As I slowly fucked this beautiful lady whose name I didn’t even know, we both watched my wife continue to please two men in front of us. Linda was so focused on what she was doing, I don’t even think she noticed me beside her.

Dave was now holding Linda by the hips and again pulling her back into his thrust. Then he stopped, he pulled her hard back into him and held his cock deep into her, closed his eyes, and started to cum. Linda started screaming out that she was cumming. She told Dave to fill her pussy with his cum, she wanted to feel his big cock shooting cum into her. Dave held his cock in her pussy for a few minutes before slowly easing himself out of her. I don’t think I had ever seen a cock as big as his. Even though it was now semi-hard it looked to be over ten inches long. As he rolled over to Linda’s side, she collapsed onto the mattress with her legs still spread wide giving me a clear view of her gaping pussy with Dave’s cum flowing out of it.

As she looked over at me, it was obvious that she hadn’t seen me enter the room. She told me it looked like I was having fun. I was fucking a beautiful unknown blond right beside her, so yes, I was having fun. I asked her if she was enjoying herself. “Mmmmm” she mouthed. “Oh yeah, much more than I thought I would.” She reached up and ran a finger across the corner of her mouth removing some cum that was still there. Yeah, I would say she was having a great time. I decided to go freshen up just a little. As she was standing there she looked back at me and said she should really tell me something else while she thinking about it. She then ran a finger over the inside of her thigh where Dave’s cum was still flowing out of her pussy. With his cum coating her finger, she looked at it for a second before holding it to her mouth and sucking her finger. When she looked back at me she said with a smile “I think I’ve acquired a taste for cum.”

As Linda left the room, the young blond I was fucking was starting to moan as I slammed my cock into her. It wasn’t long until she was moaning and screaming to the world that she was cumming. I continued slamming my cock into her until her orgasm passed. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to cum myself but I did everything I could to give her as much pleasure as I could. I brought her to one more orgasm before Linda came back from the restroom. She collapsed forward with me on top of her. I moved her hair off her neck and face before I leaned forward and kissed her neck. I told her she was wonderful and asked if she came there often. She said she came to this particular party every month or so and that she had not seen us before. We both agreed that we would love to spend more time together. As Linda re-entered the room, she said that her name was Karen and she would introduce her husband to us just as soon as she found him that night.

I got up from Karen and met Linda as she came into the room. She gave me a hug and thanked me for talking her into coming because she really enjoyed herself.  She also said that as much as she had enjoyed herself, she was a little sore, tired and about ready to go. I told her that was fine and we should find our clothes and say our good-byes if she wanted to.

After we got dressed, we stopped in the kitchen to get some juice and thank our hosts. Linda made sure she got Dave’s number and promised that we would get together again real soon. Chloe and her husband came into the kitchen about that time and I introduced them to Linda. We also exchanged contact information with them before leaving.

As we were driving down the freeway on our way home I again asked Linda if she had enjoyed herself. Linda snuggled up next to me. She reached down and stroked my thigh before looking up at me and said that she didn’t think she had ever had so many orgasms in one night in her life. There was just so much going on, so many things to see, the sights, sounds, and smells just formed a mix to the senses that was so erotic. We had fulfilled some fantasies that we had kept secret for a long time because neither of us knew what the other would say about them. After that night, I think we opened up to each other with whatever fantasies we had. Our first experience at a house party would definitely not be our last.