We did a survey.

37% of our members who are couples and 60% of our single women members want to meet and potential play with a single man. (Men – here is some advice; your charm, class, and ability to go slow greatly improve your odds).

73% of our members, from the same survey, believe keeping single men to fewer than 5% of our total membership is “just right.” 94% of our members (yes from the same survey) appreciate the effort we take to “vet” single men.

We receive well over 500 men a week asking to join.

They say “Pick Me.”

Less than 1% of these men are actually invited, after some extensive interaction. We have been offered up to $1,500 cash to allow a man to join. Of course, we said no.


  • SLS single men percentage – over 50%
  • SLS sells their member’s personal info – so we know the 50% number is accurate.

We charge no member – couple, single female OR single man to access the website.

We do charge single men for orientation. Including the vetting, we invest over 3 hours per single man who is accepted.

We never charge another fee nor do we charge single men more than other members to attend parties. Many other groups charge men up to $250 to attend each party. We have a list of (exactly) 26 groups where the party ratios are 10-20 men per 1 woman…that is not us.

Please see our single man policy: https://matureparty.net/single-men-policy

Approved single men pay – one time – for training/orientation only.

Any questions of concerns – email brenda@matureparty.net