Before you apply, please look around our site. Great care was taken to convey our culture of being: Classy – Sexy – Fun – Inclusive – Exclusive – Local – Private. Each word is important and we (as a group) strive to exemplify this commitment. Member comfort is priority number one. We seem to attract those new to the lifestyle, perhaps because not too long ago, we (most of the members) were new to the lifestyle. We thought there has to be a group for mature adults, with real-life (post children!) bodies where classy people feel comfortable. Since we could not find such a group, we started Mature Party!

Be assured, if you apply, your application will be reviewed. We review each one. Tell us about you. How will the group be better because you are a member? You will discover an amazing set of options in the members only area to connect with local, like-minded people.

Also, be assured your information is private and will never be shared. Our website is secure and the Site Administrators (3 people in their 50’s – – not some computer wiz kid) never allow anyone (even members) to have access to your personal information. The only information shared with other members is what you put in your profiles. We insist, in your profile, you do not include last names, address, email address and phone numbers.

By member’s request, we do allow classy and mature single men to join our group.

Be assured, unlike other groups, single men are by invitation only and account for less than 5% of our membership. These men are highly vetted and are a pleasure to have in our group. If you have no interest in single men, then you simply check a box on your profile and you will not be contacted. Single men have a completely different process of becoming a member.

We hope you believe you have discovered a new, special place to learn about the lifestyle, feel comfortable, have great fun, and meet long-lasting friends. Join us.