Would you like to apply as a single man? Let us share some information first.

Most of the single men who join us already know about us because another member referred them. We do offer a few men (who are classy – mature – clean etc.), an interesting option/way to become involved in this lifestyle. We offer orientation sessions to the lifestyle and the group.

Please look around our website. As a non-member, you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Please read Our Single Men Policy and Code of Conduct

NOTE – We keep single men to 5% of our group. We never have a party / meet and greet where there are more men than women.

To apply you will be given an access code. To receive the access code (which changes often for security) please email brenda@matureparty.net and in the subject line say “I want to be a VIP.” Also – tell us your age, where you live and why you want to apply.

After you receive the code – come back here to enter.

Important: We only invite single men to apply where A) we have less then 5% single men and B) we have at least 50 couples / single woman members.

If you reply, you will be sent extensive information and access to the application. Please share your first name (only) no nude pictures and briefly tell us about you. Some men are just clueless when it comes to this lifestyle. They just do not know what they do not know and this is why we offer orientation sessions to the lifestyle and the group for our single men who are selected to join us.

Here is a recent survey of couples and single women in our group. See what our members have to say about single men.