Code of Conduct

Our credo is: Mature…Classy…Sexy…Fun…Inclusive…Exclusive

  1. Respect members and party guests and their boundaries. No means no – the first time. We are about building long-term relationships. It is not acceptable to touch anyone without asking and it is not acceptable to join into group play without asking or being invited. For the website, never send a picture without first being asked or asking if ok. Conduct on the website / chat is the same as parties. Respect and maturity is expected.
  2. Drugs are not permitted – bring them and you may find yourself ousted without a refund and off all future lists. Alcohol is permitted, but drunkenness is not.
  3. Voyeurism is fine, in small quantities, at a respectable distance, just remember, this is a gathering for consenting adults who want to meet others of open minds for a nice, active, time of fun.
  4. Do not comment about activities to others or about others in any way before, during or after a party. It is an atmosphere of tolerance and each individual has a right to enjoy pleasure in whichever way they choose.
  5. Respect each other’s privacy and anonymity. Many of us are professionals and have families. On the Internet many people use nicknames…however, after meeting a person they may reveal to you their real name. Ask them how they would like to be addressed and never… never… never… use real names on public post boards unless permission is specifically asked for and given beforehand.
  6. Be clean and neat. Remember, how you look/smell will determine how others see/react to you. Take pride in how you present yourself.
  7. Condoms and safety supplies: Most parties provide condoms and lubes. Some parties even provide toys. It is a good idea to always bring your own just in case.
  8. Anyone caught taking anything that is not their own property, or that they did not bring themselves, will be dealt with immediately and harshly. Our group is a close-knit one that watches out for each other.
  9. Always call or email to let the hosts know if you can’t make an event. The hosts organizing these parties deserve respect for all their hard work and if they know (even last minute) that there are spaces open, they will have the opportunity to fill them with those last minute hopeful RSVP’s.
  10. Never contact a hotel directly for directions or otherwise. If you have questions about directions, attire, room amenities, etc. contact the hosts with questions. When entering and leaving hotels and passing through lobbies or common areas, do be covered up and do refrain from loud noises, laughter, sex talk and big groups.
  11. Cameras or recording devices of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  12. Each party will have a detailed description as to the theme and experience level. We have parties just for ladies and we have parties that are more social in nature. Enjoy the intent of the party and to not “push for” more / try to change the environment created by the host at a party.

We focus on local fun.

Many of local city groups have over 100 members. Members ages range from 35 to 75. Apply to Join our private group. We never charge a fee.