As a widow, who has come out of mourning, I looked around and saw that most of my friends have moved away. My daughter is grown and out on her own, with her own daughter to take care of and they live w/ His parents. (While I am thrilled to be a new granny. I admit this does give me a chuckle. Love them to bits, but a teething baby & I am not the sleep deprived one any longer.) I do have family close by, which is lovely. But what shall I do about sex, now that I’m interested in sex again? Very interested.

I’ve found my spark, but now, how do I find someone to share it with? CL was scary, but I do peek, once in a while. Some of the other sites I encountered were even more frightening to me. What to do? I don’t drink much & the bar scene is just not for me, especially alone. Joined my local library book club. This was not helpful, all women, str8 women. So, I bought a toy from a discrete place and continued my search. I found this site on CL, but was still nervous and it took me a month to reply to the ad.

Wow, it turns out I’m not a fat older lady. I’m a vibrant BBW of a certain age!!! Was not desperate or in immediate need of a man, and am not now. I choose to be very selective and safe. Always have, always will. Yet, who knew there were all these men out there in the world who Love women with curves? I’d had No idea.

Next, I talked w/ Ted and Brenda and joined. While I’m still … discovering exactly what I want, I have met some great people and feel more comfortable that I have in years. I get to say what I actually think. Don’t have to hide that I find both men and women attractive sexually or that I’m just a bit kinky. Can feel comfortable telling people that I was once engaged to a cross-dresser & that’s not the reason we broke up. I can be open about what I want and feel welcomed in a warm group of like-minded adults.

I think BBW is more than a dress size. It’s an attitude. Know a lot of the women on the site have body issues & feel uncomfortable w/ their size. I don’t feel like going on another fad diet doomed to fail. I’ve decided to embrace being a BBW and can eat bread or have a beer w/o feeling guilty. And these guys actually do Love our curves and that we have some weight. One told me recently that some girls are too bony and difficult to make love to w/o getting bruised. We laughed and continued our play. Personally, I love all sizes and shapes. It’s the mind of the person that intrigues & seduces me.

This is where I belong. I’ve made friends all around the country. Some I’ll prob. never meet in person, but that doesn’t matter in the least. We talk openly about sex & many other things and laugh & are silly & just have fun. Some are acquaintances, others have become good friends in a fairly short time frame. I’ve found a new home.