Everything I know about swinging I’ve learned in the past month, through this group. Seriously. But oh what a month it’s been!

I’ve been on a journey to discover my long-dormant sexuality for nearly a year. And from the start, I’ve tried to follow the notion that I can’t know what truly turns me on without sampling a variety: of people, situations, activities. For months I tried, without success, to arrange a threesome, with either two men or a man and woman. It just wasn’t happening, but I knew that group sex was the next type of experimentation for me.

Two months ago I met a man who has similar desires to expand his sexual experiences. Together we stumbled upon this group, which was exactly what we needed but never imagined existed. People our age. People who are kind and respectful and fun. People who are accepting of whatever level of experience you bring. And people who genuinely find large, curvy women sexy as hell.

In our first month, we’ve participated in group chats and private conversations with men, women, and couples. The more experienced welcomed us and shared insight and advice. The fellow newcomers shared enthusiasm and nervousness that mirrored our own. And it’s not been all talk! We attended a wonderful party and had a date with a lovely couple. We’ve made plans (both firm and hopeful) with people in our area, and places further flung. All within a month. Not a year. A month.

The day to day fun of the group takes a village. But without the vision and leadership of Brenda and Ted, this would easily be a well-intentioned but failed endeavor. Their enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and vigilance make this a safe community. Those who don’t adhere to the standards lose the privilege of being part of the group. In an arena that, by design, includes such a wide variety of interests, personalities, and desires, it’s not easy to apply strict membership criteria. I am grateful B & T have found a way to do so in a way that seems to preserve – and encourage – individuality and differences.

The mantras are: Keep it classy. Go slow. Follow the (few) rules. I’ll admit I’m not always the best at “going slow!” But even with a few small stumbles, I (and we) have truly been welcomed into this group. It’s impossible for me to imagine a better – or more fun – beginning to this latest leg of my journey.