This group started with the idea of a fun — comfortable — mature group of local people who are curvy or who appreciate women with curves. I started the group because I went to a few “parties” but was uncomfortable being the only BBW and the oldest person in the room. We are not “just” for BBW women (we love people of all sizes) we are a place where everyone will feel comfortable.

All parties are in member’s homes or very nice hotels — always with multi-rooms and usually have a full kitchen. Usually a 2-bedroom – 2-bathroom suite. We also have many local meet-and-greets.

Members receive a newsletter to announce local parties. We also have this website which lists parties, has an online forum to meet local people, and live chat to interact real-time.

Our group member ages range from late 30’s to late 60’s. We are absolutely the perfect group for first timers. There is no fee – we are not a business – just mature people who have “real bodies” and enjoy sensual times. We do not allow members under the age of 35.

Many people ask why I am doing this…

All this effort is worth it because someone needed to make mature (ages 35+) people and specifically BBW woman (real women with real curves) feel comfortable. We even have women-only chat rooms and women only parties!

Our group’s attention to detail reinforces who we are:

Mature – Classy – Sexy – Fun – Inclusive – Exclusive.

I hope you consider joining.


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Like to learn more?  Read about our Privacy Policy and our Code of Conduct.


As an outsider to this kind of lifestyle, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into by joining this group.

I’ve never been with a couple before, but always thought about it, and when I came across the post on I figured I wasn’t getting any younger and should at least try it. The fact that the group was formed for mature BBWs and their admirers was even better.

When I joined the group, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what to think of the people that “were into this type of thing”. I took a leap of faith when I RSVP’d for my first party. To be honest, I contemplated not going. But I knew if I didn’t go, I would never go.  Even when I pulled into the parking lot, I thought about turning around and going home. I literally sat in the car for 10 minutes, but held my breath and walked to the door. Once I knocked on the door later, there was no turning back. 

People were already there, all smiles, with what I assume was an eagerness to meet the new people. Although I was nervous to attend (more like terrified), everyone was so nice that it was impossible for me to be anything other than comfortable by the time I left. 

I want to thank Brenda for welcoming me into this group.

– Sue