Monday, February 19th 2018

Fishawhile ??? Raleigh and surrounding citiesMon 5:11pm

This group is member driven. That means that there is not a 50 person staff managing every aspect of this site. Members are active and take on various responsibilities such as hosting meet and greets and parties, placing ads and reviewing responses, engaging with members, reviewing profiles, and helping out new members. These aren’t just one or two people, this is an entire group and they love it. Please take time to become engaged and active in the group. You will find that there is a whole new world of friends that you can meet and have fun with.

One responsibility that all of us have regardless of how long we have been here is to protect ourselves and our privacy. Do not give out personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses etc until you have met someone and have developed a relationship.
If you do meet someone or get unsolicited messages or just feel uncomfortable with someone, let Ted, Brenda, or Katie know or ask one of the long time members what to do. If this becomes a pattern or if there is an issue that needs immediate attention, steps will be taken. The relationships you develop here are personal and a trust is developed. Protect that trust, treat it with the honor and respect it deserves and allow it to grow. But with that said, protect your physical safety and your hearts with a little bit of caution